Square Metre Property Group

Square Metre Property Group is a boutique property company based in Melbourne. We are widely experienced as property development managers, agents, advisors, and advocates.

Our experience covers multiple  sectors of the Melbourne real estate market. We can accordingly provide property advice and services relevant to most market sectors, however we specialise in the commercial, industrial, and high-density residential markets.

Whilst most property companies have set service offerings within a defined geography, we provide tailored property solutions designed for the unique needs of our clients. Despite our range of services being wide, our  service model broadly follows the same process:

  • We assess your specific needs, limitations, and objectives, then tailor a service offering according to those needs and objectives.
  • We research and analyse each of your alternative options, working with you to enable well-informed, strategic property decisions.
  • We represent your best interests – negotiating the most favorable terms possible and managing the project/campaign for you.

One of Square Metre’s key points of difference is that if we recognise that your particular property goals would be best achieved with the assistance of other property professionals, we can select, appoint, and manage a project team on your behalf. This scalable and cost-effective service model allows Square Metre to provide our clients with premium tailored property services for fair and transparent fees.

Call Square Metre on 03 9028 7777 to confidentially discuss your property issues and how we can help you. Alternatively, click on one of the below links to find out more.

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